Caring Hands Closet

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Welcome to Caring Hands Closet!
Promoting Healthy Parents & Healthy Babies

Caring Hands Closet welcomes all pregnant women and/or parents of children up to age three to our community education program.

Our goal is to support & encourage young families to improve their health & the health of their babies.

Caring Hands Closet is a fun way to earn rewards for taking care of yourself and your baby.

How Caring Hands Closet Works…

• Get enrollment from your provider at McCrary-Rost or Calhoun County Public Health.
• You will also receive a Caring Hands Point Card where you will keep track of any eligible activity or healthy behavior.
• You can use your points to acquire baby supplies at the Caring Hands Closet at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital, Lake City or at Calhoun County Public Health, Rockwell City.
Although Caring Hands Closet encourages enrollment into the program while you are still pregnant, enrollment can be after delivery and into the toddler years.

Point Opportunities Include:

• Prenatal doctor visits
• Post partum doctor visits
• Childbirth education
• Immunizations
• Counseling
• Parenting classes
• Home Visitation Programs
• WIC education
• Stop smoking
• Breastfeeding
• Or other activities/healthy behaviors approved by Caring Hands Closet.

Caring Hand’s Closet Location:

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital
Lower Level
1301 West Main
Lake City, Iowa 51449

Calhoun County Public Health
501 Court St.
Rockwell City, IA 50579

Store Merchandise

Caring Hands Closet members may use their points for items such as:

  • Bathing Supplies
  • Books
  • Medical Supplies
  • Diapers
  • Car Seats

For More Information Call:
Stewart Memorial Community Hospital
McCrary-Rost Clinic
1301 West Main
Lake City, Iowa 51449
712-464-7907 800-560-7500


Public Health
501 Court St.
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579