Community Health Needs Assessment

In an effort to better understand the health needs of the communities served by Stewart Memorial Community Hospital (SMCH), hospital officials conducted a short survey. The ten question survey was designed to pin point the concerns people have about their personal health, the health of their family and their community. One goal of the survey was to discover what barriers people face in becoming healthier.

Results from the Community Health Needs Assessment survey will pave the way for developing a Health Improvement Plan (CHNA HIP). The plan includes developing a community health profile, building community collaboration, developing a health improvement plan, and evaluating the outcome. This plan compliments the plan already developed by Calhoun County Public Health.

Click the links below for our Community Health Needs Assessment results.

Calhoun County Health Needs Assessment Survey – 2015 (2)

Calhoun County CHNA Report January 2016 (2)

Calhoun County HIP Report January 20162

SMCH CHNA HIP Workplan2012