Cardiac Rehab

Helping you resume an active lifestyle and improving your quality of life is the goal of the Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Cardiac Prevention and Rehab program.  The purpose of the outpatient program is to help you, the most important member of the Cardiac Rehabilitation team, to achieve an optimum level of fitness and health as you return to your regular activities.

The program focuses on monitored exercise in our cardiac rehab gym, education sessions, and support from professional staff. Cardiac rehab and prevention also promotes maintaining a healthy life style by identifying coronary risk factors and behavior modification.

The cost of Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation varies with the length of participation. The program typically runs four to twelve weeks. Each person’s rehab program is determined individually based on physical condition and personal goals.

Phase III or private pay services are available.

To learn more about the Cardiac Prevention and Rehab program, contact Megan Huster, RN, at 712-464-4118.