Patients & Visitors

“The Junction” Cafeteria is open to visitors and public daily during the following hours:
7:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.; 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Menu’s for the day are posted outside the Junction in the hallway.

There is a chapel which you and your family and friends are invited to use at anytime for family conferences, meditation, or quiet times. The chapel is located next to the public restrooms near the business office.

Chaplain Program
The chaplain program provides an on call clergyman for patients and families needing spiritual care. Your own clergyman may visit you anytime during your hospitalization. A special register is maintained at the main office for the clergy. Your nurse will assist you in contacting your clergyman.

Educational Programs
Patient Education is a service available to help you and your family learn about your particular health condition. You will receive information to increase your understanding of your condition as well as instructions necessary to follow your plan of care including treatments, medications, and diet. Nursing personnel will provide you booklets on the tests, or services to be given to you as well as information on surgery and post-operative rehabilitation. We also have some educational videotapes available.

If you receive flowers, they will be delivered to your room upon arrival.

Local Florists Include
Lake City Flowers: 712.464.3787
Parkside Flowers: 712.297.7558

Language Assistance Services

Language Assistance Services 3-17

Link to Life
Personal protection at the touch of a button – whenever you need it. Link to Life is a home safety monitoring system designed to bring emergency help to you immediately at the touch of a button. The system is in the form of a small pendant you wear around your neck. With Link to Life you have a direct link to Stewart Memorial Community Hospital personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Remote control capabilities allow you to use the system from anywhere within your home or yard area. For information on how to receive this system contact nursing personnel.

Lost and Found
Articles lost, misplaced, or left in your room may be claimed at the Business Office.

Mail is delivered to your room Monday through Friday by Nursing Service. Mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to your home. Outgoing mail may be given to your nursing personnel.

Current newspapers and magazines are available in the lobby.

Notary Public
The services of a notary public may be obtained through the business office.

Patient Lounge
There is a patient lounge located in each of the patient room areas.

Radio stations are available through your television. Turn your T.V. to the following channels for your listening enjoyment: Channel 23 – KTPR (91.1) Fort Dodge (classical); Channel 24 – KLYF (100.3) Des Moines/Ames (light listening); Channel 25 – 106 The Beach (oldies); Channel 27 – KG98, Jefferson (country).

Our concern is for your safety at all times. Please DO NOT hesitate to call a nurse for assistance. When the rails are up on your bed DO NOT attempt to get out of bed. If you are weak DO NOT try to get out of bed without help. DO NOT use any electrical appliance you bring with you until they have been checked by our maintenance personnel. Frequent drills are conducted in the hospital. If a drill is announced over the intercom, remain in your room and do not be alarmed.

Tobacco Free Campus
The Stewart Memorial Community Hospital campus is smoke free. No smoking is allowed in the building or on hospital grounds.

Heartstrings Gift Shoppe
The snack and gift shop is operated by hospital auxiliary volunteers and is located in the main lobby. Gift shop hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There are vending machines located in the main lobby as well as in the hallway near the Junction cafeteria.

Free local phone service is provided by the hospital in all patient rooms, excluding Intensive Care. For local calls press “8” and wait for the dial tone, then call the local number by dialing all seven (7) digits.

Long distance calls may be placed through the operator by:
Pressing “8”, wait for dial tone, then press “0”, then the area code and number you are calling (do not use a “1”), an outside operator will assist you. All long distance calls must be placed collect, billed to your home phone or credit card. Please replace telephone firmly when your call is completed.

A satellite dish has been installed at the hospital to provide continuing education programs for our medical staff and employees and added viewing pleasure for you. A T.V. schedule and listing is provided for you in your room.
There are entertainment and educational videos available at no charge for children and adults.

Visiting Hours
Medical/Surgical Patients: There are no specified hours and no age limitations.
Maternity: Any healthy family or friend, age 14 years or older, may visit any time after delivery, with the exception of “quiet time” from 1-3pm. Siblings may also visit when convenient for the family.
Intensive Care: Special visiting periods are in effect for this area and will be explained by the staff in the unit.

Wireless Internet
Stewart Memorial offers FREE wireless services.