Culture Champion at SMCH Named at Annual Celebration

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital celebrated the end of 2020 by treating its staff to delicious Mexican food catered by Jalisco's in Lake City, Cielito Lindo in Lake View, and Los Flores in Rockwell City. Thank you to those restaurants for providing delicious meals!
CEO Cindy Carstens reflected on the past year that has been filled with challenges (COVID-19) and growth in services (welcome Lexie Badding, PA-C, and Carrie Goodwin, PMHNP) and the beginning of a large-scale construction project. Staff celebrating milestone anniversaries were also spotlighted.


nullThroughout 2020 five employees were nominated for the Culture Champion Award. This award recognizes the work done and how they reflect the values of the organization - communication, safety, "Stewart"ship, compassionate service, and team oriented. The five who were nominated were Gina Davis, Norma Wessling, Ashley Hildreth, Michelle Shaver, and Trish Jensen (not pictured).
Cindy announced the Culture Champion of 2020 was Ashley Hildreth, RN. Ashley works in the emergency department and in the Med/Surg department. She was nominated by her department leader Lara Cornelius who quoted a visiting physician. Dr. Atty Kermani who was covering the ER said, “Regarding my last shift in Lake City, I have worked with Nurse Ashley H., RN, 3 times. She stayed with a HIGH Risk PT in COVID room for 2 hours (standing) and I really want hospital CEO and nursing supervisor to know about her. She is so passionate and a great nurse and for the last patient we had together she deserved the applause.”
Congratulations to Ashley and to all the nominees! At SMCH we are looking forward to 2021 and welcome the opportunity to provide exceptional experiences to our patients and teammates!