Digital Mammography

nullWhat is it? 

3D digital mammography is an image of the breast to help detect breast cancer. This exam is suggested women age 40 and above have a mammogram done every year. The images are obtained with a low dose of radiation, the arm of the machine will pass over the breast and very thin “slices” are imaged. Going through the images is like flipping through the pages of a book. This helps the radiologist get a very detailed view at your breast tissue.  

How should I prepare? 

When getting ready for your mammogram you will be asked to not wear deodorant or if you do have some on you will be asked to remove it. You will be asked to remove everything from the waist up and slip on a gown opened to the front.  

When will I get my results? 

Your exam will get read within 24 hours. If your report is normal you will get a letter within a few days. There is a chance you would need to come back for additional imaging. If that is the case the radiology department will call you as soon as they get the results. Your provider will also get the report and please allow them time to review your results.