Mobile Nuclear Medicine

What is it? 

Nuclear Medicine is a little different from other imaging specialties because with this they inject the radiation into your body. The radiation will emit from specific areas and the imaging machine will pick it up. Nuclear medicine measures more the function rather that taking pictures of the anatomy.  

How do I prepare?  

Most scans there is no preparation required Some patients will be told not to eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours prior to the exam. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. The isotope (radiation) will be injected and sometimes you will have a delay before the imaging can begin. After the delay you will be asked to lie on the table and the imaging arm will move above you. You will need to lay still to get accurate pictures. 

When will I get my results? 

The exam will be read within 24 hours and the report will be sent to your provider. Please allow them time to review your results and they will call you or go over them at your return appointment.