What is an ultrasound? 

It is an exam that uses sound waves instead of radiation. It is non invasive and will show the blood flow and movement of organs. A Sonographer will ask a few questions to obtain a brief medical history, then they will have the patient lay on the exam table. They then will use a small probe with gel and press on the body part in question. The exams will take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the body part. 

How do I prepare? 

Majority of ultrasound exams don’t require preparation. Abdominal exams you will be asked to not eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours prior and pelvic exams we ask you come with a full bladder.  

When should I expect my results? 

Your exam should be read the same day, please give your physician time to review your results and they will give you a call