Health News Today

How This Man Lost Almost 400 Pounds in 3 Years
When Sal Paradiso realized he may not make it to age 40, he decided to take control of his weight -- and change his life.
Physical Therapy Equals Surgery for Carpal Tunnel
Conservative approach should be the first option, researcher says
Almost 1M Pounds of Breaded Chicken Recalled
The chicken was recalled over concerns about the possibility of bits of metal in the product
Obesity May Not Compromise Knee Surgery Success
Results similar after procedure to repair meniscus in normal, overweight and obese people
Want Cheap and Healthy Meals? Cook at Home
Study finds homemade fare is typically better for you than restaurant food
Curtis Stone on Fatherhood and Fighting Hunger
For those who love to cook -- and for many who don't -- chef Curtis Stone whets appetites for inventive recipes and entertaining TV.
Many Dialysis Patients May Not Need Colonoscopies
Study finds that a limited life span offsets the benefits of the screening test
How Many Calories Are in Your Wine?
Make sure you’re drinking to your health -- and not against it.
Most Cancers Caused by Random DNA Copying Errors
While habits, environment can be key to the disease, chance plays huge role as well, scientists report
Many Kids With Diabetes Missing Out on Eye Exams
Those with type 2 disease should see eye doc right away, while type 1 patients can wait 5 years
Older Mothers May Raise Better-Behaved Kids
Tendency of moms to mellow with age may play role in children having fewer social, emotional problems
Cancer Survivors and Pregnancy Complication Risk
Findings emphasize the importance of counseling these women, before and during pregnancy
Daily Glass of Beer, Wine Might Do a Heart Good
But drinking more may be bad news for your cardiovascular system, researchers say
Fruit Juice for Kids: A Serving a Day OK
Review of studies finds 1 glass of 100-percent juice a day not linked with weight gain
8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility
Trying to get pregnant? Pay attention to simple things -- diet, timing of sex, even your lubricant -- and you may conceive faster.
Could Fading Sense of Smell Mean Death Is Closer?
Study found association -- but don't panic if your sniffer is no longer up to snuff
Drug No Better Than Placebo for Sciatica
Pregabalin, commonly known as Lyrica, didn't help patients with acute sciatica in study
Foods Labeled 'Healthy' May Hide Unhealthy Secrets
Low-fat foods may be filled with sugar, study finds
Brain 'Rewires' to Work Around Early Blindness
These differences appear to boost hearing, smell and touch, researchers say
9 Deaths From Breast Implant-Linked Cancer: FDA
The disease is most likely to occur with textured implants that have a pebbly surface rather than a smooth one, the FDA says
House GOP Leaders Pull Obamacare Replacement Bill
Latest version aimed at appeasing Republican critics
FDA OKs Parkinson's Add-On Drug
Xadago is taken during 'off' periods when symptoms escalate
Heart Drug Digoxin May Raise Death Risk for Some
Those with irregular heartbeat are especially vulnerable right after starting the medicine, researcher says
Football Program Tackles Concussion Danger in Kids
Players learn safer moves, reducing head injury rate and recovery time, study suggests
Autism Greatly Boosts Risk of Drowning
Swimming lessons are essential -- even before other therapies, researcher says
Do Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol Equal More Injuries?
Studies indicate a higher rate of injuries when the two are combined
Prostate Cancer Treatments' Side Effects Vary
Even 'active surveillance' may have risks, such as anxiety
Fish Oil in Pregnancy May Not Mean Smarter Kids
No intellectual benefits seen at age 7, researchers say
A Warming Planet Might Mean More Diabetes
Study found a link between increases in temperature and more cases of the blood sugar disease
GOP Scraps Individual Mandate, Sets Up New Penalty
The penalty would affect people buying insurance who had a lapse in coverage of more than 63 days over a year. A surcharge of 30 percent would be attached to their premiums for a year.
Obesity in Youth Tied to Liver Cancer Risk in Men
Fatty deposits in the organ, along with diabetes, can raise the risk, researchers and specialists say
Supplements Won't Curb Men's Dementia Risk
Brain expert says it's unlikely that any one nutrient would be a 'silver bullet'
Steroid Shots Don't Help Long-Term Low-Back Pain
Pain reduction aimed at reducing disc inflammation doesn't last, study finds
New Hepatitis C Drugs Might Eliminate the Disease
But not everyone responds completely to the medicines and cost remains a big obstacle, researchers say
Big Drop in Number of U.S. Babies Born With HIV
Case numbers fell steeply between 2002 and 2013, but even more could be done, experts say
Prostate, Hair Loss Drugs Not Tied to Suicide Risk
However, medications like Propecia, Proscar may be tied to depression, study finds
Edamame Recalled Due to Listeria Threat
Possible listeria contamination triggered the edamame recall
Blue Wilderness Dog Food Recalled
The food may have elevated levels of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormones
'Sesame Street' Introduces First Character With Autism
The children's program is sharing a positive message of inclusion by welcoming Julia, a muppet with autism, to the cast.
Pradaxa Beats Warfarin After AFib Procedure
Fewer bleeding problems reported among 'ablation' patients who took the newer blood thinner
Fewer U.S. Kids Overdosing on Opioids
But suicides involving these drugs are up more than 50 percent, study finds
Remote Tribe May Have Healthiest Hearts on Earth
Days spent hunting, farming and eating unprocessed foods keeps their arteries clear, researcher says
New Drugs May Beat Statins, But Price Is High
Repatha, inclisiran lowered cholesterol levels even further, but first costs about $14,000 a year to take
Are Blood Thinners Overused in AFib Patients?
Those with low stroke risk might not benefit, new study contends
Selena Gomez Opens Up About How Therapy Changed Her Life
The singer and actress reveals why she entered rehab for the second time.
Eating for Two Often Doesn't Mean a Healthier Diet
Many pregnant women don't meet national nutritional guidelines, U.S. study finds
Marketside Pizzas Recalled Over Possible Listeria
More than 21,000 pounds of frozen Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizzas are recalled
Pot-Laced Goodies Can Poison a Child
These pastries and candies pose serious risks to kids, physicians warn
Smokers Prone to Problems After Joint Replacement
Cessation programs help reduce the rate of complications and costs, researchers say
Opioid Dependence Can Start in Just a Few Days
Prescribing narcotic painkillers for 3 days or less may lower chances of addiction, study finds