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8 Things You Didn't Know About Twins
Can you guess which state has the highest rate of twin births?
9 Parents of Twins Share Their Best Advice
We asked what they would tell other parents before bringing two bundles of joy into the world.
Drug OD Deaths Have Nearly Tripled Since 1999: CDC
Whites, middle-aged adults hardest hit, new report finds
Gender Doesn't Dictate Perspiration Rate
Instead, your size and shape influence how the body releases heat and cools down, study finds
'Superbug' Infections Striking More U.S. Kids
Antibiotic-resistant germs no longer confined to hospitals, study warns
Can Depression Up Odds for Psoriatic Arthritis?
Mood disorder may increase inflammation throughout the body, researcher says
More Than 500,000 Toddler Swings Recalled
Injuries to children are prompting the recall of 540,000 Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug'n Secure pink toddler swings
Support For Health Law Grows, Leaving Republicans In A Bind
As GOP lawmakers struggle to find a replacement for Obamacare, public support for the health law grows and a majority of Americans say they don’t want fundamental changes to Medicaid.
Study Links Psychiatric Disorders to Stroke Risk
Mental health woes may trigger chronic fight-or-flight response, researchers suggest
Could Parkinson's Disease Raise Stroke Risk?
Or is the link the other way around? Study finds a connection, but cause-and-effect isn't clear
Belly Fat vs. Being Overweight in Older Women
While a few extra pounds doesn't up death risk, weight around the middle does, study contends
NHL Veterans Pledge Their Brains to Research
Donations will be used to study CTE, other conditions linked to repetitive head trauma
Longevity Recipe: 10 Fruit, Veggie Servings Daily
Reductions seen in risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and early death
Over 400,000 Toy Frogs Recalled for Injury Hazard
Moose Toys says it's recalling hundreds of thousands of Little Live Pets Lil Frog toys and Lil Frog Lily Pad toys due to an injury hazard.
A Stressed Life May Mean a Wider Waistline
Study finds chronic anxiety might raise risk of obesity
Too Many Stroke Victims Don't Get Clot-Buster Drug
Minorities, women, seniors on Medicare, rural residents less likely to be diagnosed in time for tPA
Virus and Heart Disease, Diabetes in Some Women
CMV associated with increased chances of metabolic syndrome in those of normal weight
Can an Apple a Day Keep COPD Away?
See which fruits, veggies may be linked to lower risk of lung disease in smokers, study suggests
More Evidence Ties Gum Health to Stroke Risk
Study shows increasing risk of brain blockage with more severe gum disease
Dentists at the Front Line in Diabetes Epidemic
Severe gum disease can signal undiagnosed case of blood sugar disease
Lower Back Disk Surgeries May Benefit All Ages
But older people have a higher risk of minor complications, study finds
Does Zika Harm Male Fertility?
The CDC is working with a fertility clinic in Puerto Rico to determine if men infected by Zika have lower sperm counts or lower sperm function after infection
Unhealthy in Middle Age, Dementia in Old Age?
Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking may set you up for Alzheimer's, research suggests
Is Need for More Sleep a Sign of Pending Dementia?
Study finds an association but doesn't prove cause and effect
Race May Play Role in Recurrent Stroke
Study found black seniors at higher risk for subsequent attack compared to whites
What Everyone Needs to Know About Cyberbullying
Online harassment can take a toll on your health. Find out how to end it, for good.
Insights on Tumor Growth Lead to New Treatments
Find out how the latest research on how tumors grow is giving doctors new tools to treat cancer, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy.
Off-Label Antidepressants Common; Evidence Lacking
One-third are prescribed for conditions like pain or migraine with little scientific backup, study says
ACL Tears on the Rise Among Kids, Especially Girls
Sports that involve cutting or pivoting are the riskiest, doctors say
After Stroke, 'Blue' Light May Help Beat the Blues
Akin to sunlight, it could ward off depression during rehab, study finds
U.S. Life Expectancy May Rise to Over 80 by 2030
But other developed countries expected to have even bigger longevity gains, study says
No, Your Cat Isn't a Threat to Your Mental Health
Study designed to allay fears that kitty poop parasites raise odds for schizophrenia, other disorders
Many Younger Cancer Survivors Can't Afford Meds
Skipping doses or drugs altogether can be dangerous, U.S. researchers warn
Congressional Group Gives Bipartisan Support to Vaccine Safety
Letter comes in response to President Trump's reported support for anti-vaccine groups
Former Teen Heartthrob David Cassidy Has Dementia
Cassidy says both his grandfather and his mother struggled with dementia in their final years
Testosterone Therapy May Have Benefits, Risks
While trials show it boosts bone density and lowers anemia risk, heart risks also seen
Breast Cancer Survivors' Powerful Ally: Exercise
Those who worked out were about 40 percent less likely to die from disease, review suggests
Brain Chip Helps Paralyzed 'Type' With Their Mind
Researchers report patients showed fastest speeds seen yet in such experiments
Vomiting Syndrome on the Rise in Heavy Pot Smokers
Experts are trying to figure out why more heavy marijuana users are getting a rare illness that causes vomiting and abdominal pain.
The Short- and Long-Term Prognosis for Obamacare
The law still stands despite IRS decision to process tax returns without insurance status
Kids of Older Moms Score Higher on Thinking Tests
Children with younger moms once had the advantage, but that trend has reversed, study finds
Tired of the Ups and Downs of Yo-Yo Dieting?
'Coaching' sessions seemed to help keep the weight from coming back, study found
Does Mercury in Fish Play a Role in ALS?
Certain types of seafood may be linked to the fatal disorder, early research suggests
Same-Sex Marriage Laws Tied to Fewer Teen Suicides
Perceived acceptance may benefit gay, lesbian and bisexual teens, study suggests
Kids' OD Risk Rises When Opioids Left Out at Home
Odds of overdose more than double if parent takes powerful narcotic instead of milder pain med, study finds
Stem Cell Transplants May Help Some With MS
Review found younger patients fared better over 5 years, though some deaths reported
Is My Penis Too Small?
Even normal-size men may suffer small-penis syndrome -- fear that their penis is too small -- and seek unproven penis-lengthening treatments. But some men do suffer micropenis or inconspicuous penis.
Norovirus Closes Schools, Spreads Misery
Norovirus and other stomach viruses have been closing schools and causing misery this winter.
Breastfeeding: Breast Pumps, Nursing Bras, and Other Things That May Help
WebMD talks to experts about breast pumps, nursing bras, and other things that may be handy for moms who are breastfeeding their babies.
Is Surgery Always Needed for Kids' Appendicitis?
Review found many with inflamed appendix were fine with antibiotics alone, but more research needed