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Brain-Training May Help Ease Ringing in the Ears
Study found computer-based program seemed to allow people to cope with tinnitus
Genital Herpes Vaccine Promising in Animal Trials
Two-pronged approach tested on lab monkeys, guinea pigs
Inflammation, Gut Bacteria Tied to Type 1 Diabetes
However, it's not yet clear if these factors actually cause the disease
Skin Cancer Cream Linked to 5 Dog Deaths: FDA
Even ingesting small amounts of fluorouracil can kill family pets, agency warns
Nearly Half of U.S. Men Infected With HPV
Although a vaccine is available, too few are getting it when young
Most Cow's Milk Formulas Don't Up Diabetes Risk
But one type of formula may be linked to greater chances if given in week 1, study suggests
Three-Parent Baby Born to Infertile Couple
Three-Parent Baby Born to Infertile Couple
Grilled, Smoked Meats and Breast Cancer Survival
Study can't prove cause and effect, but raises questions about beef, pork, lamb cooked at high temps
Too Much Sitting Ages You Faster
Cells of elderly sedentary women look much older than their actual age, study finds
FDA: New Fish Guidelines for Kids, Pregnant Women
Agency recommends 2-3 servings of 'best choices' weekly
Short Exercise Sessions May Decrease Inflammation
20 minutes on a treadmill linked to drop in immune cells tied to inflammation, study finds
Hot Chili Peppers May Extend Life
Hot Chili Peppers May Extend Life: Study
Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease in Some National Parks
U.S. National Park Service and CDC advise using insect repellents on clothes and skin
Working Out? Don't Bring Your Cellphone
Researchers say talking and texting makes workout less efficient and throws you off-balance
High Blood Pressure May Not Be All Bad in Elderly
Developing it after 80 might help prevent mental decline, research suggests
ACA Repeal: Many More Uninsured, Higher Premiums?
Nonpartisan report analyzes probable effects of a 2015 Congressional bill
Steep Rise in Births to U.S. Women Using Opioids
Few treatment programs deal with substance abuse in expectant moms, federal report says
1 in 3 Adults Diagnosed as Asthmatic May Not Be
Almost half did not get objective breathing test, researchers in Canada found
Bills Surprise Patients Who Go 'Out-of-Network'
For example, anesthesiologists charge nearly 6 times the Medicare rate, study finds
U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest in Decades
U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest in Decades
Mold Found in Baby Teething Toy
Mold Found in Baby Teething Toy
Should More Kids Have Their Tonsils Out?
Research suggests looser surgical guidelines might be warranted for sore throat, sleep problems
Can HIV Drugs Boost Syphilis Risk?
Meds may raise susceptibility to bacterium that causes the sexually transmitted disease, study suggests
Colicky Baby? You Might Give Acupuncture a Try
Treatment with 1 to 5 needles might stop the excessive crying, Swedish researchers say
'Superbug' May Be More Widespread Than Thought
Study of 4 U.S. hospitals found wide variety of germs resistant to antibiotics of last resort
When Should Healthy Adults Be Treated for High BP?
Guidelines say therapy should begin after top number in reading meets or exceeds 150 mmHG, not 140
Can Coffee Perk Up Heart Health, Too?
In lab tests, caffeine blocked inflammatory response, but did not prove cause-and-effect
School Performance in Kids of Opioid-Addicted Moms
By 7th grade, 4 out of 10 failed to meet standards in at least one academic area, study finds
Woman Dies From Superbug Resisting All Antibiotics
She died after possibly picking up an infection in an Indian hospital, researchers say
Flu Tightens Its Hold on the Nation
It's not too late to get vaccinated, CDC says
Kids' Artificial Sweetener Use Up in Recent Years
Some studies suggest a link between the sugar substitutes and obesity, researcher says
Hallucinogens: Future of Mental Health Treatment?
Hallucinogenic drugs have mostly been banned for decades, but drugs like LSD, psilocybin, and ecstasy have shown promise in treating conditions like depression, PTSD, and addiction.
Study Questions Fecal Transplant for Gut Infection
In direct comparison, researchers found no real difference compared to antibiotics
Link Seen Between Concussions and Alzheimer's
But study didn't prove head injuries cause the degenerative brain disease
Could Mom's Pre-Pregnancy BP Predict Baby Gender?
Higher -- but still normal -- readings may mean a boy, study suggests
Pregnancy OK for Most Congenital Heart Conditions
Preconception counseling helps moms-to-be understand potential risks, doctors say
How Concerned Should You Be About Medical Mistakes?
Learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe.
Rural People's Risk of 5 Death Causes is Higher
More smoking, obesity and less use of seatbelts are some possible reasons why
Wearable Sensors May Spot Illness Before Symptoms
New technology could help sense infections, type 2 diabetes and other conditions, scientists say
U.S. Report Cites the Good and Bad on Marijuana
Pot shown to help chronic pain, chemo-related nausea and muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis, but researchers cite risks, too
Scientists Create Dengue-Resistant Mosquitoes
Hope is to eventually make the bugs fend off multiple infections, including Zika
Sushi Lovers: Tapeworm Now Found in U.S. Salmon
But risk of infection is low, infectious disease doctor says
CVS Cuts Price of Generic Competitor to EpiPen
CVS Cuts Price of Generic Competitor to EpiPen
First Case of Local Zika in Pregnancy Described
Baby shows no signs of brain abnormalities, but report urges doctors to be alert
Senate Starts Obamacare Repeal Process
Measure sets Jan. 27 deadline for draft of repeal legislation, avoids possibility of filibuster by Democrats
Brain 'Stress Ball' May Be Key to Heart Risks
New brain-scan study helps pinpoint a neurological link between anxiety, cardiovascular disease
Can Brain Scans Aid Doctors in Epilepsy Surgery?
Imaging offers less invasive way to protect regions involved in language and memory, researchers say
High Blood Pressure Often Undiagnosed, Untreated
Half of mobile clinic patients with the condition said they didn't know they had it, study finds
'Chemo Brain' and Breast Cancer Survivors
Altered thinking must be acknowledged as 'one of the difficulties of treatment,' specialist says
Migraine Linked to Higher Post-Surgery Stroke Risk
The risk is small, but concerning, researchers say