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Early Alzheimer's Linked to Brain 'Leakage'
Normally, blood-brain barrier prevents this from happening
Kids' Concussion Rates May Be Higher Than Thought
Study finds that most cases are first tended to at doctors' offices, not hospital ERs
Sex-Transmitted Zika More Common Than Thought: WHO
Women planning to become pregnant should wait 8 weeks if they or partner live in areas where infections are occurring
Scans: Brain Region Misfires in Depressed People
Contrary to previous thinking, the habenula is less active during unpleasant experiences
Most Smokers Don't Stick With E-Cigarettes
'Vaping' only replaces tobacco use for a small group of people, study finds
Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids
Healthier habits related to exercise and diet could help many with the disorder, researcher says
Experts Question Study Linking Cellphones, Cancer
Rodents exposed to phone radiation actually lived longer than unexposed animals, reviewers point out
Smoking During Pregnancy and Schizophrenia Risk
Scientists measured evidence of exposure in the womb and found an association, but not proof
It’s Mosquito Season: The 411 on Repellents
Mosquito repellents are safe, so you should use them. And there are more choices than ever. WebMD breaks down your options.
Exploring Zika's Path Through the Placenta
Researchers find the virus can replicate in immune cells
Officials: U.S. Superbug Resists All Antibiotics
Pennsylvania case suggests it's almost 'the end of the road' for these drugs
New Meat Labeling Offers More Protection
Warns consumers that mechanically tenderized beef can raise bacteria risk, so more careful cooking needed
Fewer Inhaled Steroids OK for Asthmatic Kids?
Study suggests some kids don't need daily dosing, but one expert worries the strategy might have risks
FDA Approves Implant to Battle Opioid Addiction
Experts say steady dosing eliminates need to take medication daily to combat heroin, powerful painkillers
How Often Should Your Pet See a Veterinarian?
Your four-legged friend needs wellness visits, too. Here's what to expect at each stage of life.
Healthy Living May Offset Breast Cancer Gene Risk
Behavior may matter even more when your DNA is working against you, research shows
Some Experts Question Extent of U.S. Zika Threat
They say Gulf Coast states face risk, but most other states probably don't
1.2 Million College Students Drink on Average Day
And over 700,000 use marijuana, government report says
Migraine or Sinus Headache: What's the Difference?
WebMD talks to headache experts about the difference between migraines and sinus headaches.
Hepatitis C Patients More Likely to Drink: Study
And researchers say alcohol can worsen the chronic liver condition
What Doctors Aren't Telling Obese Young Adults
Too few warn patients of their risk for kidney disease, study says
Common Abnormal Heart Rhythm Linked to Cancer Risk
But study only found an association and doesn't prove that atrial fibrillation causes cancer
New Vision Issues Spotted in Zika-Infected Babies
Finding adds to growing understanding of damage virus causes in these infants, researchers say
Pot While Pregnant May Raise Premature Birth Risk
Experts' advice to expectant mothers on marijuana use is same as for alcohol and tobacco: Don't do it
Medicare’s Drug-Pricing Experiment Stirs Opposition
A proposal to change the way Medicare pays for some drugs has set off intense reaction and lobbying — all tied to a common theme: How far should the government go in setting prices for prescription drugs?
Most Americans Wouldn't Join a Clinical Trial
Only 40 percent had favorable view of these studies, but number rose when they received more info
After Heart Attack, New Threat: Heart Failure
1 in 4 survivors develops this serious condition within 4 years, study finds
Colon Cancer Rising in People Under 50
Incidence up more than 10 percent in 10 years among Americans, study finds
Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes
45 professional groups say the procedure improves blood sugar control
High-Salt Diets May Up Kidney Patients' Heart Risk
Study found higher odds for heart attack, stroke in people who consumed more sodium daily
Balloon-in-a-Pill May Be New Weight-Loss Tool
Those using the device were nearly 7 percent lighter after six months
Antidepressants Not Just for Depression Any More
Other uses include insomnia, pain and anxiety, researchers say
What Really Works to Help Baby Sleep
Two long-recommended methods seem effective and bring no psychological harm, study finds
Hormone May Be Linked to Teenage Obesity
Researchers suspect low levels of spexin might play contributing role
Time to Drop 'No-Eating Rule' Before Colonoscopy?
Consuming limited amount of low-fiber food day before didn't disrupt procedure, study finds
Adult Smoking Rate Sees Largest Drop in 2 Decades
Adult Smoking Rate Sees Largest Drop in 2 Decades
Men's Y Chromosome Loss Tied to Alzheimer's Risk
Study raises provocative questions, expert says
This Soothes Tough-to-Treat Colitis in Study
Eased symptoms, healed colons in 1 in 4 patients
Advanced Cancer Patients Lack Info About Disease
In study, just 1 in 20 terminally ill people understood their prognosis, researchers say
BP Swings Tied to Faster Decline in Mental Skills
Study found older adults with wide variations were more likely to show deterioration in thinking abilities
Home Remedy For Skin Cancer May Cause Damage
'Black salve' made FDA's fake cancer cures list
Extreme 'Preemies' Often Have Lifelong Challenges
Despite difficulties, study finds most live independently
Late Dinners Won't Doom Kids to Obesity
Study found eating after 8 p.m. was not linked to increased risk for weight gain
Is My Child Ready for a Cell Phone?
Younger and younger children are walking around with cell phones. Is your child ready for one? WebMD helps you figure it out.
Tai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees
As effective as physical therapy, study suggests, plus it might also improve depression
Could 'Star Trek'-Like Health Device Be Near?
Experimental wearable patch monitors biochemical, electrical signals to gauge heart, other functions
Doctors’ House Calls Saving Money For Medicare
A pilot project in which doctors provide primary care at home for very frail Medicaid beneficiaries saved $25 million in 2014, and nine of the 14 practices participating earned bonuses totaling nearly $12 million.
Updated Heart Failure Treatment Guidelines Issued
Two new drugs added to list of recommended therapies
Could a Low-Salt Diet Hurt Your Health?
Report suggests restricting sodium might backfire, but heart experts are critical of the finding
CDC Tracking 279 Pregnant Women With Zika
Two registries will track those who show lab evidence of infection, whether or not they ever had symptoms