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How Safe Is Your Tattoo Ink?
Before you get that dolphin tattooed on your ankle or "Mom" on your bicep, be warned: The ink used in tattoos may be harmful -- even years later.
FDA Recommends All Blood Donations Be Tested for Zika
Updated guidance provides further protection for U.S. blood supply
Preseason Practice Heat Risky for Football Players
Coaches, trainers need to be aware of heat illness symptoms, study suggests
Sex Partner With No Zika Symptoms Transmits Virus: CDC
New report also highlights ties between Zika and Guillain-Barre
Even a Little Exercise May Help Stave Off Dementia
Sedentary seniors more likely to suffer mental decline, study finds
Early Virus Raises Asthma Risk in Certain Kids
Infants with a particular gene variant appear more vulnerable after infection
Doctors Divided on Safety, Use of E-Cigarettes
When patients ask about safety and using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, doctors' advice differs
The True Cost of EpiPen Coupons
Facing public outrage over the price of its EpiPen auto-injectors, the drug company Mylan announced Thursday it was taking action to make the product more affordable.
Baby Simulators Don't Deter Teen Pregnancy
Schools should think twice about sending girls home with simulator baby, study suggests
Synthetic Fentanyl Fueling Rise in OD Deaths: CDC
U.S. Surgeon General urges doctors to join the fight against opioid addiction epidemic
Amphetamines Polluting Some Urban Streams: Study
Concentration of drugs may be high enough to cause ecological changes, researchers say
New Ultrasound Technique May Help Essential Tremor
Noninvasive technique helps patients who don't respond to medication, study says
Autism-Linked Genes Often Differ Between Siblings
Findings suggest developmental disorder's causes may be even more complex
Phthalates: What’s All the Fuss?
Members of this chemical family are in food, drinks, and hundreds of things we use every day. Are they bad for us?
New Local Zika Case Reported in Florida
Latest one in Palm Beach County brings state total to 43; scientists predict 400 cases by summer's end
Survey: Hair Transplants Make Men Look Younger
Study supports notion that balding men appear older, less attractive
Serious Heart Problem a Family Matter
If a relative has had an aortic dissection, you could too, study says
Coffee Cravings May Spring From Your DNA
Genes appear to influence how much caffeine you need, researchers find
Music Therapy Helps Preemie Babies Thrive
Mom's singing helps stabilize infant breathing
Excess Weight Tied to Higher Risk for Many Cancers
International committee finds thinner folks less likely to develop variety of malignancies
Adult-Onset Asthma Might Raise Heart Risks
But shared risk factors, such as air pollution, might explain the connection, researchers say
Stress May Take Toll on Younger Women's Hearts
Female heart disease patients under 50 were 4 times more likely than male peers to show effects, study found
Could Weight-Loss Surgery Up Preemie Birth Odds?
Monitoring is essential, especially later in pregnancy, study suggests
Zika May Persist for Months in Newborns: Study
Brazilian infant appeared outwardly fine at birth, but neurological troubles arose later
Senior Years May Truly Be Golden for Happiness
Researchers find people get less stressed and are more content as they age
Conception Season May Affect Fetal Brain Growth
Babies conceived in winter more apt to have learning problems and vitamin D might play a role, study finds
Cancer on Course to Become Americans' Top Killer
Report shows it will probably eclipse heart disease as leading cause of death in coming years
Medical Marijuana Pain Relief May Be Better in Men
Study found male users reporting bigger benefits compared to women
Drug May Help Kids With Autism Lose Weight
Weight gain is a side effect of antipsychotic drugs used to treat irritability and agitation
Kids' Mild Brain Injury Can Have Long-Term Effect
Early head trauma linked to psychiatric, financial issues as adults, study finds
5 More Local Zika Cases Reported in Florida
State health department says one confirmed in Tampa Bay area
Patent Monopolies Driving High U.S. Drug Prices
Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing in the United States due in large part to government regulations, a new analysis finds.
Tips for Preventing Kids' Colds and Flu
The top ways of keeping your kids from getting sick are washing hands and getting those flu shots.
Fact or Fiction: Debunking the Top 7 Pregnancy Myths
If you're pregnant, can you color your hair? Get a flu shot? Have sex? Here's what the experts say about the top old wives' tales about pregnancy.
ADHD More Often Missed in Minority Kids
Study found disparities in diagnosis, treatment rates
Fast Action Can Prevent Sepsis Death: CDC
Know the signs of extreme response to infection, consider it a 'medical emergency'
Scans Show Range of Zika Brain Defects in Infants
Images of the brains of Brazilian newborns and fetuses suggest the virus affects multiple sites
Breast-Feeding Rates Up, But Many Moms Quit Early
American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies get only breast milk for the first 6 months of life
Average Lifespan Longer for Twins
And, identical twins tend to outlive fraternal twins, study shows
Play a Wind Instrument? Beware 'Bagpipe Lung'
Players of wind instruments, such as bagpipes, trumpets, and trombones, are at risk of getting a rare lung condition if they don’t clean the instruments regularly.
Banned PCB Chemicals Still Tied to Autism in Kids
These toxins have lingered in the environment, study authors say
Youth Football Tackle Drills and Concussion Risk
But experts disagree about whether certain collision drills should be curtailed
EpiPen Price Hikes: What to Know
The rising cost of a life-saving allergy drug dispenser called an EpiPen is raising eyebrows at the pharmacy counter and on Capitol Hill.
Unhappy at Work in 20s, Unhealthy in 40s?
How young adults feel about their careers might affect them physically, mentally by middle-age, study finds
6 Teaspoons of Added Sugars Daily Limit for Kids
New guidelines aim to help improve children's overall diet, health
To Keep Teens Slim, Focus on Health, not Weight
New American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines cover preventing obesity and eating disorders
Richer Houses Home to Wider Range of Bugs
Lush landscapes draw insects to the best neighborhoods, researchers say
Steroids May Boost Preemies' Risk of Eye Problems
Babies with very low birth weights are often given steroids to improve lung function
CDC: Pregnant? Avoid Miami Beach due to Zika
Florida Gov. Rick Scott says overall total now at 36, CDC urges pregnant women to avoid affected area
E-Cigs Have Fewer Carcinogens Than Cigarettes
But switch from tobacco didn't reduce nicotine levels