Car Seat Safety Checklist

Make sure you are using your child safety seat properly by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is the seat appropriate for the child’s weight and height according to manufacturer’s directions?
  • Is the car safety belt routed properly through the child safety seat according to manufacturer’s directions?
  • Is the child safety seat rear-facing if your child is less than 1 year of age and less than 20 pounds?
  • Is the child safety seat reclined to a 45 degree angle if it is rear-facing so that the child’s head does not fall forward?
  • Is the child safety seat sitting upright if it is forward-facing?
  • Is the child safety seat installed tightly in your vehicle? (It should move less than one inch front-to-back or side-to-side when grasped at the belt path).
  • According to your vehicle instruction book, does your vehicle require the use of a locking clip? If so is the clip placed approximately one inch away from the seat belt buckle?

If your child safety seat uses a harness:

  • Are the harness straps threaded through the appropriate slots in the child safety seat (below your child’s shoulders for a rear-facing seat or above your child’s shoulders for a forward facing seat)?
  • Are the harness straps snug (you should not be able to pinch any slack in the harness straps)?
  • Is the harness retainer clip threaded according to manufacturer’s instructions, and resting at armpit level when your child is in the seat?

If your booster seat uses the lap and shoulder belt only:

  • Does the shoulder belt ride across your child’s collarbone?
  • Does the lap belt ride across the top of your child’s thighs?

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