Culture Champion Nomination-Amy Vote

The staff at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital would like to congratulate Amy Vote for being selected as an SMCH Culture Champion. Amy was selected for this award from two submissions on her behalf. The kind words from both Beth Stauter and Dr. Derek Duncan went as follows:

"I would like to nominate Amy Vote as a Culture Champion. When I transitioned into the Prior Authorization role, Amy was assigned to train me. One of the first days of training I was in the Pod with her and the other nurses. I honestly do not know how the nurses handle the daily tasks being thrown at them. Between answering the phone, responding to messages, consulting with the provider, scheduling appointments, rooming patients, and documenting EVERYTHING! So add training the new girl to Amy’s list of things to do today! Amy has been a great mentor for me in this position. She checks in on me almost daily to make sure I’m doing OK. She has worked her scheduled days off to train me and will take the laptop home if she’s unable to be in the office to help me. She is always a phone call away if I need her. During some of my training days, Amy sat by my desk. My phone rang a lot; but more often than not, the phone was for her. She is very knowledgeable, and people seek her out!

Amy is always looking for ways to improve and simplify processes, she is very organized and almost always knows the answers to the question, but if she doesn’t, you can bet she will find it out for you! We are very lucky to have her at SMCH and I consider myself blessed to get to work beside her."

-Beth Stauter


"Amy Vote has worked with me in clinic nursing for several years.  From day one she was an excellent team member.  Her hard work and dedication has always shown.  She has great attention to detail and never leaves a task incomplete.   She looks at processes that are not optimum and finds ways to make them better.  Amy is one of the most organized people I know.   She leads a very busy and sometimes chaotic pod.  She multi-tasks as well as anyone I know.  The other nurses learn tremendous amounts from her and she provides leadership to many that have education that exceeds hers.   Amy manages the schedule with a keen eye for balancing the workload and also being an advocate for patients that need seen.  Many an evening, Amy and I have been the last one’s in the clinic taking care of late day add on patients. 

I learned long ago that a good nursing team in the clinic was paramount to a successful medical practice, and I owe a great deal of gratitude for the success of my practice to Amy’s hard work." 

-Dr. Derek Duncan

Congrats Amy and thank you for all you do!