Community Health Needs Assessment

Stewart Memorial has many long-standing initiatives focused on improving the health of the communities we serve. Stewart Memorial approaches this Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process as an opportunity to evaluate and assess needs through a formalized structured process involving key personnel and communication strategies to gather the information.

Goals of Stewart Memorial CHNA were to:

• Better understand health care needs in the community

• Collaborate with community health leaders

• Develop an action plan with realistic goals based on available resources

• Improve the health of the communities we serve

The overall health of the community is a shared responsibility among many stakeholders including governmental agencies, health care providers, and community members themselves. Collaboration amongst all of these entities is essential in gathering and achieving the desired goals.

Community input was obtained through a community survey to healthcare stakeholders as well as Calhoun County residents. The survey was available electronically and in paper form with 130 surveys returned in December of 2020 to provide data for our 2021 Community Needs Assessment Report.

View the full report here : CHNA Report 2024

View our CHNA Plan : 2024 CHNA Plan

View the full 2021 report here : CHNA Report 2021