When you name Stewart Memorial as a beneficiary in your will, you help the hospital continue its tradition of excellence. Bequests (gifts made by will) have been a major part of Stewart Memorial's philanthropic support for more than half a century.  Through their wills and estate plans, grateful patients have helped the hospital advance medical care for all patients.

Gifts of Retirement Assets

For a tax-wise strategy, you can name Stewart Memorial as a beneficiary of your individual retirement account (IRA), then use the assets not subject to income tax to make gifts to your heirs. You can reduce taxes and leave more for your family and favorite charitable organization by creatively using retirement assets. Surprisingly, as much as 70% of a retirement account can be lost needlessly to estate and income taxes.

Gift Annuities

Stewart Memorial gift annuities are a very attractive investment alternative. For a minimum gift of $10,000, you will receive a tax deduction and either you or the person you name as the annuitant will receive generous quarterly returns. After the lifetime of the annuitant, the gift portion of the annuity becomes available to Stewart Memorial.

Representative rates* for a single life annuity:

65 years old             75 years old             80 years old

4.7%                         5.8%                         6.8%

Setting Up A Trust

Trusts are available in a variety of forms, each offering its own benefit to the donor.  We would be happy to provide more details to help you determine if a charitable trust is the right option for you.