Women's Health

As a woman, you probably find ways to put the health and well-being of your family and loved ones first. Remember, it is just as important to take care of yourself, so you can be there for your family when they need you most. Trust the professional staff at Stewart Memorial for women’s health services to help you navigate all the ages and stages of your life.

Women’s Health Care Tailored to Your Needs

Take advantage of the compassionate, personalized approach to women’s health you’ll find at Stewart Memorial. When you work with our skilled and experienced physicians and surgeons, you receive attention to your particular symptoms and situation along with a personalized plan of care.

Comprehensive Services Close to Home

Choose Stewart Memorial and stay close to home for the complete range of women’s services, starting with the most conservative, least-invasive options first, including:

  • Prevention and wellness – Health education, annual checkups, and women's imaging services such as mammograms and breast ultrasound
  • Bone Densitometry Bone Density or DEXA is the standard test for measuring bone mineral density (BMD). A DEXA scan is used to diagnose osteoporosis, assess the risk of fracture and monitor the response to treatment. 
  • Obstetrics – Pap tests, issues with abnormal periods, birth control or infertility, and help for urinary incontinence, hormone imbalances, pelvic pain, sexually transmitted diseases and menopause care
  • Pregnancy and Birth – Prenatal care, labor/delivery/recovery, pain control for labor, new parent education, and breastfeeding education and support
  • Surgical Services – Minimally invasive and surgical procedures, including gallbladder removal and orthopedic surgery.

Give your body the attention it deserves. When you notice changes or anything unusual for you, reach out right away. Talk with the caring and knowledgeable doctors and staff at Stewart Memorial to ensure you get the trust care to get well and stay healthy.