Dr. Stephen Fox Brings Expertise in Cataract Surgery to McCrary-Rost Clinic in Lake City

If you or a loved one has ever suffered from cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s lens, you know that daily tasks like reading, driving, and recognizing faces become challenging as vision blurs and colors dim. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can restore vision and improve quality of life.

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital (SMCH) and McCrary-Rost Clinics are thrilled to welcome Dr. Stephen Fox, a highly-skilled ophthalmologist, who will begin offering consultations and surgeries in Lake City June 7.

Dr. Fox is dedicated to restoring sight and improving the lives of patients suffering from cataracts. Beyond providing exceptional care at SMCH and Wolfe Eye Clinic in Spencer, Dr. Fox actively seeks out opportunities to extend his reach through global mission trips. In countries like Guatemala and Ecuador, he performs life-changing cataract surgeries and empowers other ophthalmologists by sharing his expertise.

Don't wait to reclaim the vibrancy of your world. Call McCrary-Rost Clinic at (712) 464-7907 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox on one of his upcoming Fridays beginning June 7.