Facilities Team Celebrated for Hard Work and Collaboration

Rockwell City Rehab Department nominates Jon Nelson and the entire Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Facilities Team for the Teamwork Award. The nomination highlights the team's dedication and collaborative spirit in tackling recent flooding issues at the Rockwell City clinic.

The Facilities Team's efforts included extensive preventative measures, such as gutter cleaning, roof repairs, and landscaping improvements. They also responded swiftly to a recent power outage, ensuring the clinic basement was operational for patient care by the following Monday.

This nomination reflects Stewart Memorial Community Hospital's commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. The hospital is proud of its Facilities Team and their dedication to providing a clean and functional environment for patients and staff.

The nomination said:

"The Rockwell City Rehab Department would like to nominate Jon Nelson and the maintenance staff for the Teamwork Award. Jon and his staff have worked countless hours to help with the flooding issues that have plagued the basement of the Rockwell City clinic, including the RC Rehab Department. Although a basement is prone to having some water in it, these last few years have put us to the test, with water leaking on desks, equipment and in patient care areas. The maintenance staff have emptied and repaired gutters, patched holes in the roof, fixed down spouts and soffits, trimmed bushes and added new rock around the foundation of the clinic. These efforts have greatly improved the issues we were having previously. 

Most recently, Jon and his staff immediately responded when the Rockwell City clinic was without power after a storm on May 24.  When they arrived, they found that the sump pumps were not working and there was water in various rooms in the basement (break room, rehab department, bathrooms, furnace room and record room). They were able to get the sump pumps working on Friday and then returned over the weekend (when the power returned) and made sure the water was all cleaned up and ready for us to treat patients on Monday morning. 

Thank you for your preventative measures and prompt response in this most recent storm to help keep our basement clean and operating!"