Macke Family Tours Namesake Rehab Center

On Tuesday, May 9, Stewart Memorial Community Hospital (SMCH) commemorated the completion of the Macke Rehabilitation Center located at 1301 W Main Street in Lake City. This facility is a generous gift from Gus and Nancy Macke, long-time Lake City residents. Members of the community, Graham construction crew, and SMCH rehab services joined the Mackes as they toured the facility for the first time.

With an array of exercise and therapy equipment, a basketball hoop, tons of natural lighting, and private treatment rooms, the new facility was designed with every detail in mind. It’s safe to say that the Mackes were thoroughly impressed by the upgrade.

As Gus gazed around the facility, he was overheard saying, “I don’t know how it could get any better than this.” His wife Nancy added, “Every time I think it can’t get any more amazing, we turn the corner and there’s more!”

The Macke Rehabilitation Center was completed as part of Phase 2 of SMCH’s Putting People First Renovation and Expansion campaign. Putting People First is a $31 million project which broke ground in 2020, with the purpose of improving efficiency, safety, security, and privacy throughout the hospital. Through Putting People First, SMCH patients will be offered the best facilities and care, and their employees will be able to provide that care with the best technology and equipment available.

“It was a touching experience to witness their reactions to our new rehab center,” said SMCH Foundation Director Jesse Underwood, “Words truly can’t describe how grateful we are to the Mackes for helping us make this vision a reality.” 

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Rehabilitation Services is proud to have a highly qualified and experienced staff of four physical therapists, three speech therapists, and two occupational therapists who specialize in treating a wide range of disorders and injuries. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call (712) 464-4244.