Stewart Memorial Community Hospital: Bolstering Calhoun County’s Economy and Wellbeing

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital goes beyond providing exceptional healthcare. It serves as the bedrock of Calhoun County's economic well-being and fosters a thriving community. A recent Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) study highlights SMCH's significant contribution: SMCH generated 464 jobs in 2023, contributing a substantial $31.2 million to the local economy. 

“This hospital is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s the backbone of our local economy,” said SMCH CEO Linn Block. “As the largest employer in Calhoun County, that translates to millions of dollars circulated right back into our community – money spent at local businesses, homes purchased, and children put through school.”

 "I see firsthand the impact we have,” added SMCH CFO Jim Henkenius. “We employ a significant number of our neighbors – doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative staff, and more. A strong hospital attracts not only residents, but also potential businesses. It's a win-win for everyone here."

SMCH's commitment extends far beyond financial figures. They are actively woven into the fabric of Calhoun County life:

  • Community Champion: SMCH is a dedicated sponsor of local events, school sports and activities, and non-profit fundraising initiatives. Their support strengthens the social bonds that make Calhoun County a great place to live.
  • Wellness Initiatives: SMCH offers a variety of community education events and clinics such as blood drives, monthly wellness clinics, concussion testing at the high school, and walk-in flu shot clinics. 
  • Community Vitality: They also hold, participate in, and sponsor events such as the SMCH 2-Mile Fun Run, the Calhoun County Expo, Lake City Western Days Rodeo and Parade, Kid’s Spot Golf Tournament, Lake City and Rockwell City swim teams, Lake City Betterment, and more. Many of these efforts have a direct impact on the local economy and overall community health.
  • Investing in People: As an 11-time Top Workplace Award recipient, SMCH fosters a work environment that prioritizes a skilled workforce. From doctors and nurses to technicians and administrative staff, they employ a significant number of residents, ensuring local expertise contributes to top-notch care.

“We are proud to share that last year, we provided over $10,000 in donations and community health improvement services to benefit our local communities,” shared Block.

Last year, Stewart Memorial provided $229,939 in charity care and served 110 people through those efforts. Charity care is also known as uncompensated health care, which is provided for free, or at a reduced cost, to people with limited income who would otherwise be unable to pay for their treatment. Various types of financial assistance are provided to patients, and community education events and important information about health and well-being are shared through radio ads, news articles, social media, and the SMCH website.

SMCH's impact goes beyond immediate employees. The IHA study emphasizes the crucial role hospitals like SMCH play in shaping Iowa's healthcare landscape. SMCH exemplifies this commitment by tailoring services and programs to address Calhoun County's specific needs.

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services close to home. They are committed to fostering a healthy and vibrant Calhoun County, not just through medical care, but by actively engaging and supporting the community.