Staff Goes Extra Mile to Ensure Patient Can Receive Care

A heartwarming story of teamwork and dedication recently unfolded at SMCH. Lisa Wiederin, Michelle Shaver MSW, Branden Roberts DPT, and Marie Drey, occupational therapist, didn't just provide care - they went above and beyond to ensure a patient's well-being extended far beyond the therapy room.

The patient, facing financial hurdles that threatened his ability to continue crucial therapy sessions, felt overwhelmed and distraught. Witnessing this, the SMCH team refused to stand by. Driven by a genuine desire to help, Branden Roberts took charge. Within hours of dedicated effort, he secured an appointment for the patient with a local insurance agency, offering a lifeline of hope.

The impact was profound. The patient's gratitude continues to resonate, expressed at every subsequent appointment. Laura Johnson, a fellow physical therapist and the team's nominator for the SMCH Team Award, shared, "It's humbling to work alongside such knowledgeable and resourceful colleagues. Their ability to find solutions so quickly is truly remarkable."

Laura's sentiment reflects the core of SMCH's spirit. This act of teamwork exemplifies the dedication every member brings to their role, prioritizing not just treatment, but the overall well-being of their patients. "On behalf of both the patient and myself," Laura concluded, "a heartfelt thank you to Marie, Lisa, Michelle, and Branden. These are the moments that make me incredibly proud to be part of the SMCH family."

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Rehabilitation Services remains committed to providing exceptional care, not just through cutting-edge treatments, but through a team dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of their patients.