Urology Services

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital has partnered with Siouxland Urology Associates to provide clinic time and corrective surgeries provided by Dr. Timothy G. Kneib, MD, PACS. 

As a leader in the field of men, women and children urology, Siouxland Urology provides comprehensive care for conditions affecting the reproductive and urinary tract. Dr. Kneib is highly trained and experienced providing the best diagnostic and treatment for a range of conditions. Our urology clinics provides diagnosis and treatment for the following areas:

·       Adrenal Cancer

·       Bladder Cancer

·       Bladder Diseases

·       BPH

·       Epididymitis

·       Erectile Dysfunction

·       Hematuria

·       Impotence

·       Interstitial Cystitis

·       Kidney Cancer

·       Kidney Diseases

·       Kidney Stones

·       Low Testosterone

·       Male and Female Incontinence

·       Male Infertility

·       Pediatric Urology

·       Pelvic Organ Prolapse

·       Peyronie's Disease

·       Prostate Cancer

·       Prostatic Diseases

·       Testicular Cancer

·       Stress Urinary Incontinence

·       Upper Tract Tumors

·       Urinary Tract Infections

·       Urologic Cancers

·       Varicocele